Are we connected?


A STEM teaching and learning resource that explores engineering through the technology we communicate and connect with. Students can work together through a number of engaging activities that promote discussion and inquiry around connecting and communicating with mobile phones, GPS technology, AI technology, programming and coding, encryption and cyber security.

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The activities are designed to give students a broad understanding of how the different technologies that they interact regularly work through problem-solving and discussion.

Topics include:


  • Mobile phones

  • GPS (global positioning system)

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Algorithms

  • Coding

  • Encryption

The winners of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has been awarded to Dr Bradford Parkinson, Professor James Spilker Jr., Hugo FrueHauf and Richard Schwartz for their work on the Global Position System (GPS). Find out more about GPS and the prize winners.

If covering this in your lesson or STEM club, showing the video below to your students is a great way to introduce the topic.

The QEPrize 2019

Video Image

What is GPS? The 2019 QEPrize winning innovation is GPS. Find out how it works in this short video.