How to make your own hovercraft


This resource demonstrates how you can successfully lift a person off the ground using two cordless leaf blowers, problem-solving skills and some STEM knowledge: the same knowledge and skills that engineers use to design hovercraft.


The hovercraft that features in the Bosch ‘All Around You’ Roadshow is made using two standard Bosch cordless leaf blowers powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It works like a real hovercraft.

Under pressure - a scientific guide to making a craft hover

  • Understanding the concept of pressure, and the formula to calculate it
  • Calculate how much pressure the Bosch leaf blowers need to lift the Roadshow hovercraft
  • Calculate how much pressure the Roadshow hovercraft will generate

Make your own model hovercraft

  • Buy a 'hovercraft kit' from and complete the kit
  • Stretch and challenge: Modify your model so that it can move in a single direction without being pushed
  • Share a picture or video on the Bosch UK Facebook page