Aiming for awesome: stealth


Funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds

RAF 100: Aiming for Awesome celebrates the centenary of the RAF and explores its engineering achievements over the last 100 years. There are 10 resources, each covering a different decade of RAF history. Each resource allows Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils to explore, through hands on activities, the applications of the knowledge they learn in science, design and technology, mathematics and computing.

2008 - 2018 Stealth

The aim of this resource is to give students the opportunity to investigate the impact of STEM on making stealth vehicles.

Stealth is the ability to evade detection by radar, infrared sensors or emission interception.  Stealth provides greater survivability, and makes it easier for aircraft to operate in contested areas without being detected.

This resource will allow students to understand about how things can go undetected: not just aircraft but animals too!  They will look at colours and filters and radar detection systems.

Student activities


Lightning and camouflage

Time to investigate 1: students will explore how different colours are made, and what white light is made up of. 

Stretch and challenge: students should use filters to work out how to make the secondary colours of light.

Radar detection

Time to investigate 2: students should investigate how the size and shape of an aircraft is an important consideration to avoid detection and write the method of their investigation, discuss variables and record results on a table.


The activities are expected to last 60 minutes.

What you'll need

The following items per student:

  • Coloured filters
  • Torch
  • Aircraft cut outs
  • Square or graph paper

Student guide

The student guide for this resource is available to download here: Stealth - student guide

Supported by

  • Royal Academy of Engineering
  • RAF 100
  • 2018 YoE