Aiming for awesome: logistics challenges of disaster relief


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RAF 100: Aiming for Awesome celebrates the centenary of the RAF and explores its engineering achievements over the last 100 years. There are 10 resources, each covering a different decade of RAF history. Each resource allows Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils to explore, through hands on activities, the applications of the knowledge they learn in science, design and technology, mathematics and computing.

1988 - 1998 Logistics challenge

The aim of this resource is to give students the opportunity to investigate how STEM is used when planning the logistics of an aid mission.

As part of role playing, students will be part of a logistics team working for the RAF to plan and deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Sarajevo as part of Operation Cheshire, using calculations to work out how much aid is needed by the people, how it will fit in to a Hercules C130a aircraft, and how long it will take the aircraft to deliver the aid from its base at RAF Leeming.

Student activities


Time to plan: students will be part of a logistics team working for the RAF to plan and deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Sarajevo. They will need all the information provided in the resource and support sheets to work out a movement plan that demonstrates how they will deliver all the essential equipment from RAF Leeming to Sarajevo.

  • Part one: calculation of the amount of water that a given number of civilians will need over a given number of days.

  • Part two: calculation of the space required in the aircraft to pack your aircraft with emergency lifesaving aid, including food, water purification systems, healthcare and clothes.

  • Part three: calculate the time it will take to deliver all the aid to Sarajevo and return to your RAF base. How can this be reduced?


This session is expected to last 60 minutes.

What you'll need

The following items per group:

Student guide

The student guide for this resource can be downloaded here: Logistics challenge - student guide


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