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The aim of this resource is to give students the opportunity to investigate the impact of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) on wheelchair sport.

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A student guide for the resource can be downloaded here.

Student activities

Overview of the student activities

Introductory student activity

The London 2012 Paralympics was both hugely exciting and inspirational to watch. This introductory activity asks students to familiarise themselves with wheelchair sport and think about competition from the wheelchair athlete’s perspective.

Technology and engineering student activity

This activity helps students to develop an understanding of some of the practical challenges faced by engineers when designing and making wheelchairs for sport.

Science and mathematics student activities

These activities show students how science and mathematics can be used to enhance the performance of wheelchairs and that of the athletes that use them. By investigating torque, track and turning moments, students can develop an understanding of some of the scientific principles engineers apply to make wheelchairs easier to accelerate and control.

Student presentation

Students should use the practical, scientific and mathematical knowledge they have developed during their investigation of wheelchair sport to present an answer to the ‘big question’, does engineering design make a difference to a wheelchair athlete's performance?