Code and rescue

About this resource

Code and rescue! teaches students coding through a series of physical computing and practical activities that explore the essential role engineers have in supporting the emergency services and search and rescue missions. 

Although the focus of the box is computer science, it still has deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology. It provides opportunities for students to use computational thinking and creativity to understand, change and make a difference in the world.

The Crumble Controller

The Crumble is a programmable controller that can be coded to drive outputs such as motors and lights known as sparkles. It uses crocodile leads for simple connections and once programmed it can be easily embedded into a design or product. 

All the Crumble software is available for free to download from

The 'getting started guide' available from the Redfern website is an excellent starting point for those that haven't used Crumble before or need a refresher!

Download an A4 copy of the Crumble controller to use for class demos. 

Resource downloads

Download the teacher guide
Download Sophie's case study
Download Josh's case study
Download Sara's case study


Introduction video guide

Video Image

Introductory video guide to the Code and Rescue resource box.

The Crumble controller

Video Image

Video guide introducing the Crumble controller.

Unplugged tasks

Video Image

Video guide for the unplugged activities in the resource.

Sparkle activities

Video Image

Video guide for activities that use sparkles.

Buzzer activities

Video Image

Video guide for activities that use a buzzer.

Winch to safety

Video Image

Video guide for using the motor in the winch activity.