In control: cycling is becoming increasingly important as we become more green and look towards sustainable transport to save energy.

Cycling is becoming increasingly important as we become more ‘green’ and look towards sustainable transport to save energy. During the activity your group will use key skills, such as team work and communication. They will need to be creative with their initial ideas but should refine them for their final product.

Using alternative forms of transport such as cycling and walking could help cut the number of cars on the roads and thus help reduce our carbon emissions. The Brompton folding bike ( is a possible personal transport solution, allowing users to rethink and adapt their journeys at will.

This session should fill a club timeslot as a one-off project, and is most suitable for small groups rather than class sizes.

The activity

What you need

  • Internet access
  • Photocopies of the role profile on page 3 of the PDF
  • Pens
  • Flipcharts
  • Craft materials

What to do

In this three part activity, the group will be split into small teams. Having been given project roles, they should develop an engineered product to enable personal transport and sustainability. This will be in the form of a gadget to be attached to, and powered by, the bike.

The students will produce an initial design, conduct market research, them create a detailed design following feedback.

Engineering is ...

... looking at how to provide a practical solution to a human need, taking into account factors such as the environment and economy. This is a good example of design engineering.

Leaders in this field must have many of the skills highlighted throughout this activity. Look for both specific (BSc Product Design or BEng Design Engineering) and general engineering (BEng or MEng Engineering) courses on You will need A Levels or equivalent qualifications.

Related fields: Mechanical engineering

Would you rather work and earn at the same time? Try an apprenticeship (www.apprenticeships. A Transport Engineering and Maintenance Apprenticeship deals with the maintenance and repair of passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs) for example buses and coaches.

In Scotland visit www and in Wales