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Engineers in the making

We are looking for #EngineersInTheMaking! 

Show us the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) challenges that you are doing at home. 

We will set you a different challenge every two weeks and want to see what you come up with!

  • Parents, you can run these activities with your children - no prior subject knowledge or teaching experience is needed!
  • Teachers, set these challenges for your students to do at home. This could even be part of a STEM week or project work.

Most importantly, the challenges are about getting stuck in, making mistakes, asking questions, building, designing, experimenting and having fun! 

Fortnightly challenge

Click here for more details about this challenge.

Power up! looks at different types of energy, the importance of electricity and how it is generated. It investigates different types of renewable energy sources through a number of hands-on practical activities.

Create a circuit to investigate energy transfers using different objects you might have at home, design and build your own Rube Goldberg machine and build a mini wind turbine using recycled material.

Check out our handy video guide for ideas around getting started with the challenges in this resource.

Power up! video guide

Video Image

Video guide for Power up! with suggestions on running these activities at home as well as in school.

What we're looking for

How to enter


Carry out activities, challenges, experiments and investigations using the chosen STEM at Home booklet for inspiration.

Take a photo (up to four images per entry) or short video (up to 30 seconds). Show us all or part of what you have been doing!

Submit your entry. 
Ask your parents, carers or teachers to submit your entries by email and/or share them with us Twitter using @EduRAEng and #EngineersInTheMaking


Winners will get to choose from differnet STEM at Home prizes which encourage tinkering, creativity and having fun!

Build and program your own robot. What could you make it do?

Imagine, power and play K.Nex set. With over 500 pieces, the possibilities are endless for what you can create!

Terms and conditions

Competition open to any persons aged between 7 to 14 and resident in the United Kingdom. 

Full terms and conditions can be found here.