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About this resource

The 'This is engineering: entertainment' STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) resource explores the essential role that engineers play in the entertainment industry. 

Engineering is at the cutting edge: from machine learning, artificial intelligence and gaming, to advanced sports equipment, CGI, designing hi-tech sets and materials and music production. 

Through a series of creative and collaborative challenges, students will develop enquiring minds and teamwork skills and are encouraged to find imaginative approaches to problem-solving, understanding the role STEM-based learning plays in real-world engineering scenarios.

Each of the activities and challenges have links across science, maths and design technology. Some activities will be more heavily weighted towards one subject more than others. 

Don't worry! Experience, or subject knowledge around engineering or any STEM subject is not required. The resource is designed to allow students to learn independently and at their own pace, with your support as a facilitator not a subject expert.

This is Engineering: Entertainment asks young learners to express and share their thoughts and ideas, to be curious, experiment, find their own passions and interests, and to understand, change and make a difference in the world around them.

Activities and challenges range from tracking sporting data, exploring the fourth dimension and creating light displays, to investigating synthetic beats and producing a scene from a horror film.

Engineering Habits Quiz

Engineers making 'things' that work or make 'things' work better. But they do this in particular ways. The 'engineering habits' describe the way engineers think and act. 

But remember results are not fixed! If you take the quiz several times, you might find that different engineering habits are stronger depending on the type of activity or challenge you are doing. 

Engineering is all about having a diverse group of people and skills so having differnet engineers with differnet habits of mind in any team is always important! 

Teacher video guide

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Video guide for teachers, parents and carers.

Student video guide

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Video guide for students doing the activities in This is Engineering: Entertainment.