Engineering in a pandemic

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About this resource

The engineering community plays a vital role in our daily lives and engineers have been essential in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While the pandemic has had devasting global effects, the engineering community worked together to quickly respond to the sudden demands of coronavirus, even finding opportunities for positive change. 

Engineers have created emergency ventilators, diagnostic tests and manufacturing methods, helped increase hospital capacity, ensure that vulnerable people can safely get supplies and helped us all stay in touch with family and friends while social distancing. 

Challenges in this STEM resource include getting creative moulding viruses, exploring what happens in an outbreak, investigating lateral flow tests, designing and developing social distancing tools, testing and trialling different types of surgical masks and investigating the tech that has helped us manage the pandemic.

In response to COVID-19 and the changing needs of schools in this academic year, schools will be sent individual packs for students containing materials needed for the different challenges.

Engineering Habits Quiz

Engineers making 'things' that work or make 'things' work better. But they do this in particular ways. The 'engineering habits' describe the way engineers think and act. 

But remember results are not fixed! If you take the quiz several times, you might find that different engineering habits are stronger depending on the type of activity or challenge you are doing. 

Engineering is all about having a diverse group of people and skills so having differnet engineers with differnet habits of mind in any team is always important!