Connecting STEM Teachers

What is the Connecting STEM Teachers programme?

  • The Royal Academy of Engineering's Connecting STEM Teachers (CST) programme provides support for teachers across all STEM subjects
  • CST aims to build knowledge and confidence and help teachers to engage pupils through hands-on STEM activity and real-world engineering projects
  • Teachers joining the CST network receive free professional development, training and resource kits (engineering-themed STEM boxes) to enhance and add context to the curriculum
  • Through collaboration with STEM partners and other schools, pupils have the opportunity to participate in collaborative enhanced STEM learning activities and projects

How to join?

Joining a network is easy! We have a fantastic team of Teacher Coordinators who are based across the country. Simply email and let us know where you are based and we will put you in touch with your local Teacher Coordinator. 

The aims of CST

The programme is designed to help address the UK’s well-documented shortage of engineers and technicians; whose skills are necessary to drive economic growth. To increase the pipeline of engineers and technicians in the UK, CST’s aims are to:

  • Grow the number of teachers who understand how to apply engineering in the context of their specific STEM subject areas
  • Increase the appeal of engineering careers amongst female and other underrepresented groups
  • ​Connect networks to enhance the provision of STEM learning in schools
  • Improve perceptions of engineering amongst young people through teacher advocacy
  • Improve pupil progression to STEM subjects post-16


Regional STEM Teacher networks

There are hubs in England, Scotland, Nothern Ireland and Wales. Each one is led by a Teacher Coordinator (TC) who are experienced teachers and education consultants of STEM subjects. Their aim is to deliver professional development and training on the Academy's STEM resources at termly network meetings, provide opportunities for teachers to network and share good STEM practice and hold colloborative STEM events between schools in the area.

Find out more about the regional Teacher Coordinators in the celeberation event booklet.

What is the role of the Teacher Coordinator?

  • Deliver CPD and training on the Academy's STEM resources at termly network meetings
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to engage with the wider STEM community and local STEM employers
  • Develop a collaborative and inclusive netowrk of support which encourages sharing best practice
  • Lead an enhanced STEM learning experience 'the collaborative project' for pupils and teachers


STEM Resources

Our engineering-themed STEM resources are developed for teachers by teachers and engineers. They are aimed at young learners aged 9-14 years old, although they can be adapted for younger and older pupils.

All of our resources are linked to the curriculum at Key Stages 2 and 3 (9-14 years olds) and provide opportunities for young learners to explore and tinker and to express and share their thoughts and ideas.

Pupils will also develop their creativity and practical skills to help them understand, change, and make a difference in the world around them. Each resource is thematically linked to create a setting for real world learning.

All of our resources are free to download from our resource hub. Many of our resources come with practical kit which teachers will receive for free by joining one of our CST networks.

Take a look at our resource catalogue for a full list of our STEM resources.


The programme, founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2011 would not be possible without the generous support of its funders: 

 Special thanks to our strategic partner Shell for significant support of the programme. 

CST is also generously supported by: 

The Arthur Clements Fund, BAE Systems, Boeing, the estate of the late Mr. John Gozzard, the Helsington Foundation and the Royal Air Force.